Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog redesign soon

Let's face it: "Diary of a Space Jockey" doesn't fit the bill anymore. I started blogging just to keep a record of my EVE Online career, and over time I've added little bits and pieces that have absolutely nothing to do about EVE, something that very few EVE bloggers do. Pushing myself to write about a game I loved inspired me to write about things I love even more, until eventually I noticed that I was more interested in writing about real life stuff than I was about EVE. And then I started noticing that I didn't like the game I was supposed to blog about as much as I did when I started. At this point, EVE Online is the very last thing I feel like blogging about because so many other subjects interest me. Therefore, a redesign will be in order soon to reflect this.

"But what will the readers think?" one might ask. That's an interesting question. When I started blogging I did it purely for myself; my buddy Letrange had a blog when he got me to play EVE and I just said why not. I was already an active forum participant on other sites, mostly Quake, flight sim and race sim related, and when I noticed that a lot of EVE players liked to keep a record of their activities I told myself "when in Rome..." even if I knew only a single person in all of New Eden. It was a great surprise to see players start following me and commenting on my posts. But since then a lot of the bloggers that were around when I started have completely stopped writing (as my "blogs I read" list shows), and my loss of interest for the game means I'm not reading other EVE blogs. On the flip-side I read drumming blogs, cycling blogs, and other gaming blogs. So when I start the redesign will my reader base follow me? Maybe, maybe not. But as I did when I started playing Internet Spaceships, and without any disrespect to the readers who have followed me, I write about things I'm passionate about. If people start following my passions then it's icing on the cake!

So what do I call a blog that talks about cycling, music, motorsports, FPS games, RPG games, Sci-Fi, science, and basically anything I feel like writing about on any particular day? With my current bike trip plans I did think about "Diary of a Madman" but I wouldn't want to offend any Ozzy fans, least of all Ozzy himself! Also, what should I use as a header? It's kind of hard to pin down, which is why my Cynabal is still there. I have zero Photoshop skills so one thing is sure, the next header won't be a work of art! I'm sure I'll come up with something that's not too gaudy :)

But even if I don't play the game anymore, I may keep just a little bit of EVE content if only for one reason: EVE is an awesome source of drama bombs! Yesterday's arrival of Incarna and the shit-storm that followed is a prime example. I may even keep my EVEnews24 gadget on the right, maybe down a few notches. I may not like the game anymore but it's still the one that got me writing, so might as well give it a little bit of respect. Only a little bit. I feel sorry for anyone I know whose EVE experience has been diminished because of Incarna due to the new bugs, the ressource hogging problems, or the mind-numblingly expensive vanity items. It is now clear that CCP will never listen to their player base, and they sure as fuck will never learn.

So whatever you do, may it be fly, ride, play or anything else, do it because you love it.



Knug Lidi said...


Started to read your blog as it presented an alternate view on EVE. Its still on my list!

As for the "fallout" from Incarna, the whiners are just vocal. You can do everything you could have done before just as easily (and usually using the same steps) The difference is minor.

For those who like pretty pictures (surely not the "hardcore" types) there are more so. Otherwise, Incarna has been far, far less bugged than the last two releases.

In regards to high prices for "pixel shirts" they HAD to be placed high, so as to minimize the damage to the PLEX market. If the price of PLEX was to skyrocket, there would be a far greater sh*tstorm.

My basic premise is if the cost of the skirt is too high, don't buy it. Just don't stand on the street corner howling about the dress that you swore you would never want is priced too high.

There were a whack of very nice updated/fixes/improvements with this release. Its too bad this childish wailing over such trivial matters drowns out the praise that is deserved.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Cool, and thanx man :))

About Incarna: a month ago this had nothing to do with me getting out of EVE. I would've left anyway. But yeah, before I left for work this morning I quickly read the EVE-O forums, and shit was flying everywhere.