Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Late to the party but made it !!!

Hello folks !!!

Well, after a much eventful return from my parental weekend and some good times at the EVE Montreal Pilots meet, I finally made it into Apocrypha and all its brand new goodies, which I don't think it's necessary for me to go to great lengths to explain because everybody and his/her cat as talked about it to some extent and have had much more time to experiment with the new features and travel destinations. I will give a few thoughts on a few things I've seen that I really like:
  • The skill queue: Oh my God was it about time! As I've written before I still wish they would have implemented a full-on queue especially since they killed off ghost training but I can very well live with the current system. I know CCP wants people to play instead of just train but with ghost training being dead I don't see someone paying a subscription and not playing until he/she gets into his/her Nyx for example. But not worrying about missed training time or getting up in the wee hours of the morning like I did for my Interceptor skill will be totally awesome.
  • Speaking of skills, I absolutely love the fact that you can now see the remaining training time for the skills in a single glance without having to even right-click. Thanks very much CCP !!!
  • The Sleepers: finally we have NPC adversaries worthy of that name! They rep up, they switch "primaries", they hit hard and they're tough as nails! It's not quite PvP-like yet but it's getting there. I'm still waiting for NPC gangs to roam 0.0 space with warp disruption, tackling and ECM/E-War elements. Now THAT would be The Shit !!!
  • Wormhole space: CCP has some very devious minds to think up something like that! Space that has amazing resources but that not only is 0.0 space but also has exits leading to uncertain and possibly very dangerous destinations... what a wake-up call for would-be carebears!

I did get one chance to be on a W-space expedition that all-in-all turned out well, given that the fleet was able to get back home with cargoholds full of stuff, and with the minimal losses of a Merlin to Sleeper NPCs (and very quick at that) and my own T1-fit Thorax to self-destruction because it was getting late and I didn't want to hang around for 2 hours for the next wormhole to be found; no more super-late ops for me, remember?. The net ISK loss for a fully insured T1 ship is ridiculous so in 4 minutes I was back in Everyshore. I still have to ask if someone picked up my frozen carcass :) It was a good thing that we entered W-space from an empty system and that it lead to one of the "easy" systems, but it's very possible that at some point a fleet's entry through a wormhole will be spotted by less-than-friendly elements and that on the other side the fleet will have to deal with more than just Sleepers... oh well, this is why this game is so great !!!

On another note, Cozmik has now reached another benchmark in his career: 15 million skill points! I still have much learning to do but fitting ships with AWU V is a much easier job. Now I have to fill up a few holes I may have, like in drones, missiles, tanking and exploration skills, but now that we have the queue those dinky 1-2 hour skills will be taken care of shortly.

So now it's back to work and hopefully I'll see you soon in-game :)

Fly dangerous,


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