Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a week...

Yeah, I know. I'm not regular enough with my updates. That's what happens when you're juggling a job you have to get up way too early for, dealing with the ex for parental rights, and playing a MMOG in the middle of all that. Add to that the fact that getting away from a computer for some fresh air is damn fun and the result is I don't play as much as I'd like. Oh well, such is life. that doesn't mean nothing happened though... here's the short, terse version that I'll be developing on in another post as soon as i can:

- On Monday October 6th, I flew in my first full-on op as FC, with much help from veterans Teister and Sygma. In short: Jihad fleet, Ishtar and Zealot killed, fleet death by AAA. Mission accomplished! Of course me being me I over-react when I get asked about the final minutes of the fleet's life by someone who wasn't there but I'll get over it. I was nervous as a virgin on her first night but I can't wait to do it again. THIS is what EVE is all about !!!

- On Tuesday I am violently ill; looking at my computer screen gives me seasickness, went to bed at 8h30 PM. No EVE for me, thx.

- On Wednesday night after I get back from parental duties I get word of a shocking piece of news in Bozo-land: veteran Cerui Tarshiel has dropped roles and will be moving on for an indeterminate amount of time.... o_O Anyone mining in low-sec better start worrying NOW! You'll be missed man, even if we can't understand you half the time :)

- On Thursday morning Cozmik is done training Destroyers V. Next step towards interdictors: Propulsion Jamming V... should be done in 3 weeks o_O It got stretched a bit because when I'm on I train Cozmik to fly Gallente ships. I can now fit a Brutix and with a bit of tweakage of Medium Hybrid turrets I should be able to field some NASTY Jihad ships >:)

And there you go. I could go a lot deeper in a few subjects as you can see but I have to leave for work now and tonite I intend to fly extremely hard, and maybe lead another fleet on a short, victorious war (thanks Mr Weber) !!!

Fly with your dagger between your teeth



Letrange said...

woah! Dude! Big news, I was wondering why I wasn't seeing Cerui in the AMC Public channel

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I don't see why he shouldn't be in there as there aren't many Bozos in that channel. He may be just offline for a bit. But yeah the news hit us like a ton of bricks. the only ones you know who were on were Tolarus, Kazmak and Maelgar, Music TSP our franco-american, and only a couple other guys. The atmosphere was definitely that of a funeral house. I'll tell you the details in person.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Busy week is right! Good luck with the parental rights battle. That can't be fun.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Oh it's not a battle. We've been apart for about a year now and it's actually going better. We do experience the things that got us apart and it just solidifies our decision.