Thursday, January 10, 2013

ZOMG EVE Montreal makes the EVE News !!!

Kapow !!!

That's right, our bi-monthly (read every fourteen days) EVE pilots meet just got a massive publicity boost thanks to CCP Falcon! All of a sudden Montreal pilots I didn't know about saw my forum thread and started posting in it, and the EVE MTL in-game channel saw an unprecedented 18 players in it yesterday night. I'll be going to Brutopia tonight to make the reservation but I'll be coming back home in a hurry to make my presence known in the channel. I am the one publicizing our meets after all :)

Aight sorry for the lack of postage lately. I've had a busier holiday time than expected, accompanied by a few more hangovers than expected. Example: when a barmaid from a micro-brewery invites you for said micro-brewery's New Year party you do not say no if you have no other plans! Plus I've had other interests pulling me left right and center. I'm still very much into the drumming thing (drumline gig in February, possible gig in late March, and possible reprise of the Wishmaster OES event!) so I gotta make sure I not only remember my parts, I also need to make sure I know the parts of basses 4 AND 5 because we may be playing some gigs with 4 bass players only, which means I gotta fill in the holes left by the missing bass.

I also still have a huge interest in some game that came out last year, a game about adventure and excitement; warriors shouldn't crave it :) But yeah, thanks to a ton of very interesting mods I'm still very much into Skyrim even though my current computer is starting to hate me for it. Yes this box is on its last legs for the latest games. It's fine for the older games my boys play on it but Skyrim and EVE Online hit the limit of what my current machine can do. I've received a Steam gift in the form of F1 2012 and that has to wait, and even though I'm really interested in it I can't even think of installing Farcry 3. But this will be fixed tomorrow as I start putting together a newer machine; OK it won't be a ridiculously overpowered bomb, but an Intel i5 with 8gb of RAM running Windows 7 will be a huge step forward for me. I have to keep my current graphics card for just a little while but even then, I have the feeling the machine will breathe a lot easier.

During the holidays Chez Stan held its first official PvP op, blooding one n00b to the joys of The PvP. Our little 5-man gang was successful in erasing a juicy obvious bait from existence, at the cost of one Caracal. We then roamed towards the Caldari-Gallente border but after many jumps of seeing nothing in space a big Faction Warfare gang got wind of us between Heydeiles and Old Man Star, but because of good scouting we lost only a Vexor and our n00b's Talwar. It was enough for us to call it a night because it was getting late, and because of our juicy kill we were still on top in the ISK battle. Plus it was great fun :)

So there's my short update. The next one will be made from the newer, much faster machine. I'm crossing my fingers so that the migration goes well!

Fly hard and see you at Brutopia !!!


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