Friday, January 18, 2013

F@$% this virus!

As you may have noticed I'm taking a bit of a blogging break. I've been sick pretty much all week and didn't play much of anything, including drums and EVE. I've done the Wednesday corp PvP op and put a big one in the skill queue. I've also played a bit of Skyrim, starting a new character that's basically my old Redguard dude but this time focusing a bit more on a Spellsword/Archer/Assassin evil personality. I've already taken some heat by telling off Vilkas after the first big Companion quest mission; being a werewolf with the 100% resist disease is just too much win. I'm using the Live Another Life mod among other things (I've got 30 or so various mods) so instead of the usual "cart ride to execution" start I began as a new Dark Brotherhood recruit (skipping the usual start as well), and as soon as you meet a town NPC you get a quest to investigate what's happening with Helgen and the Imperial/Stormcloak war. There are now many ways to start the game anew.

Apart from that this week I've mostly been vegetating on the couch watching some play-throughs and documentaries. My brain just can't do more at the moment. So the usual Friday music video will be skipped as I try to get rid of this stupid fucking virus.

Fly hard and may the road lead you to warm sands!


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