Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The slow restart

Well after downloading the bloated EVE client, paying my dues, and bracing myself for all the changes, I am finally back in New Eden, and I'll have to admit I missed it. I still don't know exactly what the fuck were the CCP devs smoking to make the inventory system the way they did but I think I'll survive. Having not played much because of drum duties, parental duties, and three work days until my long-expected vacation (and uber bike trip YAAAAAAAY!) let's go with a plain "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" post, in reverse order:

The Ugly: The User Interface. Hostie. De Câlice. De Tabarnak. You Odin-loving berserkers were supposed to make things SIMPLER !!! What the fucking bastard shit is this?!?! When I look at that UI I'm thankful I've got 4 years of EVE under my belt; I can't imagine what a complete n00b must feel like when he sees it, revamped tutorial or not.

The Bad: Well, not much actually if only that the EVE population has stagnated. Below 40k players on Tranquility on a primetime Sunday is sub-par. Period. Still hurting I see. Oh one bad thing I can think of: Tech 1 prices... simply put, huh?! 8 million ISK Stabbers? 12 million ISK Thoraxes?! And on the flip side 1.3mil ISK Medium Trimarks?! Somebody page Dr EyjoG so he can perform surgery, this market is beyond sick !!!

The Good: EVE is still EVE. It's like that comfy but shredded pair of jeans or those Phentex slippers your grandma knitted just for you. It's like being a BMXer and hitting your first big jump in 5 years. Yeah, despite some short-comings EVE still feels just right in its "aliveness". There are also a few other good things; the new skins and ship models (OK, except the Vagabond and the Fleet Tempest... may Eyjafjallajökull burn you to Valhala!) are really cool, but on a few ships some artists have outdone themselves. I did a quick Level 4 mission in a Crusader of all things - the "Go fetch the Quafe thru a Blood Raider camp" mission - and noticed that the new Amarr T2 ship skins were very hot. So after docking up my Earwig I did some simple math and activated my Absolution... Zoh My Gawd! It's one of the most beautiful spaceships (all universes mingled) I have ever seen!

There are a couple other things that are extremely fun about my return to New Eden. First, a "welcome back" present from Crowd Control Productions with a "90 days for 24.95$" deal. Right off the bat this was a good way to come back. But even better is this: a few months before I unsubbed for a then-undetermined amount of time I had struck a deal with EVE Online Hold 'Em Poker to have an ad on my blog, and when I made the decision to unsub I decided I would keep the ad on my blog, for free if need be. But apparently someone at EOH Poker decided otherwise so Cozmik woke up to a nicely filled - without going overboard - wallet so my plans of not carebearing ever again (unless for stupid fun of seeing pretty lights and/or flying fast) were getting off to an awesome start!

So there ya go. I'm back but for now only sporadically. Some things are looking up on the horizon so when October 21st comes one thing is certain: people are going to cry, hopefully a lot! Time to go back to the BOZO roots and start something... nefarious !!!

Haven't said that in a long time... FLY DANGEROUS !!!



Druur Monakh said...

This, and Eelis Kiy's story on http://sandciderandspaceships.blogspot.com/2012/08/there-and-back-again-ex-capsuleers-tale.html proves: One does not simply quit EVE Online.

Whether that is a good thing, remains to be seen.

Welcome back!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Thank you sir! Yeah this past week I've been on very sporadically because of a crazy last-week-before-vacation, and when I come back from the bike trip it's gonna be drums at full throttle till the show. But from late fall/early winter... ah yes :)))