Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday of Fail - 2011/11/30

The morning after. Usually this means unbelievable amounts of coffee, gallons of Gatorade and crates of Advil to cope with drowsiness, dehydration and searing headaches resulting from the consumption of vast quantities of alcohol. But in our case the morning after means day-dreaming of last night's trip to a revamped New Eden full of nebulas, shiny new ships, and sleek engine trails! And because the morning after happens to fall on a Wednesday... welcome to another installment of the Wednesdays of Fail! This week's entry comes from my good friend and ex-corpmate Havegun Willtravel of Mobile Alcohol Processing Units. Unlike his first entry which was given straight to me to start my Fail Mail bank, this one was submitted in the traditional way and Gun had to wait in line like anybody else, to have his link appear on my pages. Although Gun himself does not show up on the killmail, we do know the perpetrators of the kill quite well so I'm sure they won't mind if it's Gun getting the ISK :) So the Basgerin Pirates were roaming away from their tiny constellation hoping to catch something tasty, and guess what, they did:

[Curse, Orrery Laicism's Curse]
Brokara's Modified Power Diagnostic System
Brokara's Modified Power Diagnostic System
Raysere's Modified Power Diagnostic System
Selynne's Modified Power Diagnostic System

Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field
Heat Dissipation Field II
Photon Scattering Field II

Dark Blood Focused Medium Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Dark Blood Focused Medium Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Corpum A-Type Medium Nosferatu
Corpum A-Type Medium Nosferatu
Corpum A-Type Medium Nosferatu

Medium Drone Durability Enhancer II
Medium Drone Speed Augmentor II

Hammerhead I x5
Hornet I x1
Infiltrator I x2
Wasp I x1

People with more ISK than sense... always a great source of hilarity! First of all, let's put this Curse's cost in perspective: with the value as indicated on the Basgerin killboard, this ship could pay for OVER HALF A YEAR of game time. And this thing undock and died. Let's look at it from the ground up. The rigs are... interesting to say the least. I've seen all kinds of Curse fits but none of them with drone rigs, let alone T2 rigs. Next up, Holy Officer Mods Batman !!! Should I tell this guy that 3 PDS II and a Damage Control II would have resulted in a better tank? Nah, I won't tell him because this guy simply can't learn! On to the mids, this is slightly more down to earth (!) but 2 things are clearly lacking: propulsion and tracking disruption. Oh well, it's tanky! But the highs... damn those high slots hurt! Not only are they ridiculously expensive, but I simply don't see how this boat can need so much cap! Oh well, the power of turning GTC's into PLEX at work :))

Havegun Willtravel, for taking a page off of our long time enemies' book, you will be getting (fuck me.... what's the cheapest thing here.....) 85,000 ISK for the full flight of Hammerhead I's that somehow managed to survive this encounter. And props to A Lunchbox for killing this over-priced abomination :))

Do you have a funny killmail you would like to share with the community? If so, please evemail the killboard or BattleClinic link to Cozmik R5 in-game, or send it via regular e-mail at

Just as WDA and Ga'len have done in the past, the sender of a killmail that has been posted on the blog will receive a small ISK prize, the value of a random module fitted on the ship; dream on if you think I'll pay for Faction, Complex or Officer mods!

Keep your eyes open for Fail, and rid New Eden of these atrocities!


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Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I know eh? BTW, you reminded me of putting on the flaming envelope! My kids were running around driving me nuts as I posted this :))