Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Multiversal update

Although these days I'm very centered around cycling, I'm still Cozmik and I still have an interest in computer gaming so before I get yet a bit deeper into pedal power let's go into what I've been playing, and not playing as the summer advances. Let's start with EVE because after all, this started as an EVE blog.

Just over 2 weeks have gone by since the Monoclegate Riots, and since the announcements following the emergency CCP/CSM summit things sound as if they are back to normal, ie: boring. I'm just waiting for the next melo-drama! I have yet to read the CSM Minutes but from what I hear there will be "disappointing" stuff for bitter vets like me. I guess I will find out when I read 'em for myself and make up my own mind about 'em. I know I don't want to come back to the game if I know I'll get sick of it again within a few months. I've got other places to put my money anyway.

Also in the space game department, I have uninstalled Black Prophecy a few weeks ago. The novelty of it was cool when I received my closed beta key, and doing the whole set of storyline missions at the start was kind of fun, but after you "graduate" not much happens, and though blowing shit up is fun and all, after a few weeks it got really repetitive really quick. As I told the guys at our last meet, I have more fun flying around in FS2004 than in BP, and I don't even fire a gun! I still wish Reakktor well but I guess there is a reason why the Space Sim genre isn't a big seller these days.

The last time I visited Letrange he showed me World of Tanks, and I liked what I saw enough that I downloaded it as soon as I got home, but its downside was that it showed my computer its age, and I had to tweak the thing down more than I thought I would. I've played a single battle so far and royally sucked mainly because the Y axis on my mouse wasn't inverted (pull=up, push=down - yes, I'm weird that way). I also didn't get the whole upgrading/purchasing mechanic, and because of fun stuff like the Jazz Fest and my bike I've just left WoT alone until I feel like actually playing games. But it's there; I just need to get more of a feel for it :)

I may not have logged in some Quake Live time in about a month, but it's because my FPS antics have been happening in another universe. On the 30th of June Hellgate Global went open beta and I've been tearing up post-apocalyptic London something fierce. The closed beta characters were wiped so I had to restart CozmikR5 the Hunter/Marksman but it's been going good. I'm now at Level 9 and already have some L11 Legendary gear stashed away. The next quest I have to do is the first tough one of the game, the British Museum Hellrift. I want to get past that and when I hit around Level 12 I will probably hook up with a group and go for some power-levelling. I just love the simplicity of Hellgate: go in, shoot whatever is moving, pick up loot, make Palladium, rinse, repeat. It may sound repetitive but the game presents it in a very fun way. It's also an awesome time-killer like the game it was descendant from via its original developers, Diablo II. So yeah, this is where my gaming has been happening the most lately. I know a lot of EVE players have migrated over to Perpetuum Online, but I don't know... I still prefer the Battletech universe for 'mech action.

But to quote myself as I posted with the monocle pictures, Real is greater than Pixels any day of the week. So these days my computer has been used more to search for information on bike touring, camping, gear, maps, etc. Hell I've even found my next bike! No worries, I'm not about to buy a new bike on a whim, and my Trek is working just fine thank you, even though it needs a few parts to make a long-distance trip easier. But the Fargo is something greater than my current bike is: it is my retirement plan. You see, I've already been working at the city of Montreal for 22 years, which means that I've only got 10 years to go. And when I've got all the time in the world I plan to ride. A lot. And if I'm to ride to the other side of nowhere, I need a bike that's built for the job. In a future post I will list what I'd like to have as a perfect expedition bike that can take me anywhere, and the gear I have to have with me to survive. Over the next few years there is a lot of stuff I have to acquire but some of the things will be vital to the success of any long-term journey I intend to undertake. It's one Hell of a plan I've set myself, I know!

As I wrote the last time I blogged, this weekend will be the first of my big rides, and the weather forecast is in: it should be nice but hot. Good thing I'm planning to leave my place about a half-hour before sunrise. I'm extremely psyched and the weekend just cannot arrive soon enough. Worst of all, my bike is right there, about 10 feet away from me in my office and it's yelling "RIDE ME !!!". No worries... I will :)

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