Saturday, July 2, 2011

Burning Eden, part trois - The Fire Extinguisher

Alright, I said that the next time I would post about EVE Online it would be with a positive view, so here's the video from the CCP/CSM emergency summit. You can also read the full statements here.

So how does this change my own view of things? Well, not much at the moment because I'm already out of the game and enjoying a lengthy break. And before I come back I want to see a lot of things fixed in the game; basically, unless there is a return towards small-gang skirmish warfare PvP I don't have much interest in coming back, for now at least. But I will be watching any future developments very closely. But CCP better not screw with its player base again. For my part, if the vikings want my money again, they'll have to earn it. But one thing is certain, I'm never touching the NEX store. My Minnie ships will stay rusty, and as a matter of fact, providing that Incarna has been developed beyond the CQ if/when I come back, I fully intend to walk around trade hubs in my boxer shorts only, just to show that I don't give a flying fuck about pixel clothing. Wearing a Vagabond is more stylish anyway :)

In the meantime, I'd like to thank the CSM for a job well done, but make sure you keep holding the reins tight.

For once, fly safe


PS: Do not get me started on the monocle-toting RP'ing twats; even if I'm out of game I'm gonna start a "to wardec" list... >:)

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