Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Training something new

Hey there! It's been already a week while since the last real post and seriously, not much is new. I've gotten on a few kills down in Curse with my U'K mates before clone-jumping back to Hi-sec to move a bit more assets for eventual transport. Oh and somewhere in there April Fools happened; in U'K this came in the form of a fake Wyvern loss, with a fake traitor doing the "tackling". Unless you haven't followed the news last year, you probably know that Ushra'khan is extremely sensitive to would-be traitors/spies. Personally I found the whole thing kind of funny, but I could tell that this joke struck a particularly painful nerve. I still say that the only good supercap is a dead one.

I've also found something that may eventually hurt my stay in U'K. I know of at least one FC who doesn't take losses well, and it's not like we throw away HACs or anything. This was only talk as nothing had happened but I took the opportunity to make him know how I feel when an FC freaks out over one of my losses. Let's just say I hope he's not in command when my current lucky streak gets broken, because it will. To me, pixel ships are made of pixels, and I consider every single ship I undock lost; everything else is just icing on the cake. FC's that take EVE too seriously can litterally kiss my ass! But apart from that things are pretty cool, and even though I've been playing EVE a bit less because of other interests I've generally been having fun. There's also Black Prophecy and other games, but I admit I can feel an all-around gaming burn-out period coming. It happens every year when spring finally decides to show itself in Montreal. I'm not the kind of gamer who likes doing nothing but sit hours and days on end at the computer, so when the weather gets better I prefer to be out having a beer with buddies than flying pixel ships, as cool as they are. I also have this problem that I'm interested in too many things (by interested I mean near-obsessed) and with only 24 hours in one day, a full-time job and part-time dad duties... yeah, sometimes doing sweet fuck-all is better than all the gaming time in the world!

That said, Cozmik's training is going forward. At some point last week I finally achieved Amarr Frigate V and T2 small lasers (the specializations are currently only at III though), and Amarr Cruiser and medium lasers at IV. In ten days time I will hit Medium Energy Turrets V, and after training the specs to IV I will get Amarr Cruiser V. Hello Zealot and Absolution! I will most probably get better neutralizer skills to fly a mean Curse. But that said I have already purchased my first ever serious Amarr ship; an alliance-mate had a fully-fit Imperial Navy Omen he wanted to liquidate so I took the opportunity by the balls and got it :) It was quite funny when I was asked if I had tried it; my answer was "I'll tell you next month!". I also need to buy some Amarr frigs; the Navy Slicer sounds good, and I know of one A4D pilot who used to do wonders in a Crusader.

And after skilling up for the decent Amarr HAC? It will be long-term stuff from here on in. First Minmatar Battleship V, then I'll have to decide weather to finish what I started with my Gallente side - I already have Gallente BS III and Large Hybrids III (I had switched to something more fun!) - or keep on the new path and train up Amarr battleships and large weapons. The first would get me closer to the trophy ship called the Machariel, and the second to the Bhaalgorn. How I would fund ships like those remains a mystery to me though. And Caldari? Nah, if only for aesthetic reasons. Whoever designed eyesores like the Kestrel, Moa, Blackbird, Ferox, Rokh, Wyvern (fuck, the list is endless!)... anyway, that fucktard needs to rot in a special blocky corner of Hell. And after all this we'll see. Getting three races' battleships up to V with their respective T2 weapons will take quite a while. I will surely polish up some support skills here and there but I'll see how it goes.

So there ya go. Let's see what will win this weekend: gaming or real life? Only Mother Nature knows...

Fly it if you got it, and if your FC isn't happy because you lost it while having fun tell him to fuck himself!



Naoru Kozan said...

Word! I rage quit my last corp because of alliance leaders raging about a T3 loss making their shitty KB look even worse.
All that matters is having fun and hopefully killing something expensive before you die!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Exactly! If more people saw things that way New Eden would be a much funner place to kill time in.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling I know which one you are talking about ;)

Don't worry about him, in the end people do what they want and just ignore him. :D