Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Manual

Before I started playing EVE I spent 2 months reading a shit-ton-and-a-half of guides and forums because EVE has this particular situation: the manual is NOT included. As CCP Soundwave put it during Fanfest: "Here's some toys... go fuck yourself!". Some guides were better than others but you had to Google like crazy to find anything. Not anymore.


This is the manual that EVE never had, and it's an awesome source of knowledge for everybody from n00blets to bitter vets (not that they'll care though, as most bitter vets think that their version of what is right is the only version valid). FYI, in this case ISK is short for Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase, and not the in-game currency. So this isn't a book about how to get uber-rich by scamming in Jita.

I hope this can help anyone interested in EVE.


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