Friday, August 6, 2010

Shore leave, part II

Well it is confirmed, that cliff-side tyrolian line overlooking the St.Lawrence is one badass mofo !!! I sort of bent the rules a bit cuz I did it twice :)) The various suspended rope bridges can be quite a bitch though; make sure you are 1) in shape and 2) not suffering from vertigo if you want to try any of the activities there.

Next up on the Gaspesian menu: the Cap-Chat International Kite Festival. Why is this the best place for this? Easy: Cape-Meow as I love to call it has Quebec's biggest wind farm, so it's the perfect environment for kites. I'm just back from a walk along the shore and I got litterally sand-blasted (oh yeah... surf's up dudes !!!) so all the kite pilots will be having a ball. The RC plane guys... maybe not so much.

So that's it for now. Fly like Cape-Meow's wind.


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