Monday, January 18, 2010

Stuff : Contract to Cozmik R5 plz, kthxbai

As I’m about to go on my lunch hour the universe is hit with its second disaster within one week, making 2010 start in a very rough way. The first one is obvious; my condolences to anyone related in any way to those that were caught in that nasty earthquake in Haiti. Mother Nature couldn’t have chosen the worst part of the planet to vent its wrath, but I hope to God Haiti finally gets the international help to get it out of the miasma it’s been in for far too long.

The second one is nowhere near as serious, nowhere near as shocking, but when you’re a blogger from the EVE blogosphere you can’t help but be stunned by what was just posted at Spectre3353’s EVE Newb blog :

"Yes, you can have my stuff"



I don't know if it's Dominion or something but it seems that a lot of old-timers are going on breaks. Yes, EVE is known to sort of become a second job, not even a sideline, and take a huge chunk out of real life. Yes breaks need to be taken if one is to endure in this cut-throat universe. So I know how Spectre feels.

I'm sure there are entire corporations, if not alliances, who are now jumping with joy at the soon-to-come departure of one of the most notorious of Yarrin' type of player to have come out of Gallente space. Many of these corps' members have had to pay heavy ransom to save their sorry hides from the clutches of this crazy eye-patch-wearin' motherfucker. Many miners have cried tears of blood in Local as their faction-fitted exhumers got blown to smithereens because they didn't have the ISK to pay the price Spectre was asking. And I'm sure that Spectre himself danced around like a 4-year old kid about to get a huge yellow Tonka truck every time this happened.

I myself have never had the opportunity of getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter by Spectre, or anyone in Python for that matter; what I had instead was a nice chat while I was sitting at a safespot in Egglehende, on my way to pick up a Firetail I had left at the AMC HQ, about 30 minutes after giving tons of stuff to BOZO and leaving Curse behind. What I received from Spectre wasn't a volley of projectiles or blasters or missiles. What I got in Local wasn't a demand for ransom. No none of that. What I received was a comforting chat and an open door if I ever wanted to become a Python. I didn't take that opportunity but it was great to know that I could.

Spectre impressed me even more when he tried to run for the CSM. He was going to have all my votes but then CCP decided that there was a limit to which they would harden the fuck up. Their loss. As much as I love EVE the game, CCP has shown time and again that when a player is known to be loud and rambunctious he is muted/gagged/suspended. Well fuck that; I have trouble believing in the CSM now.

So Spectre, I hope your "indefinite period of time" does not equal to "permanently" because EVE needs shit-disturbers of your kind to stay a dark and dangerous place the devs want it to be, and the devs needs to let those shit-disturbers disturb the shit. I hope you'll keep in touch via your blog, or comments on some of our blog posts, and maybe it will even give you an incentive to come back to raping and pillaging.

Spectre3353, you are hereby allowed to disembark and go on your shore leave.

I, Cozmik R5, salute the fuck out of you !!!


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