Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, POSes, Weirdos, Hulks, etc.

Yay, 2009 is behind us, let's celebrate! I've been back from the holiday craziness for a while but hadn't had a chance to update the ol' blog, so here goes. I wish all of you a Happy 2010 full of whatever you want, be it kills, ISK, carebear tears, phat 'roids, more carebear tears, more ISK, and so on.

The year started in a special way because my buddies over at AMC had to deal with a trespassing corp in one of their colonized wormhole systems, and the trespassers had anchored one of the most poorly defended POSes in the history of POS warfare. But as sucky as POS bashing is it had to be done, and on January 3rd I kicked off my The PvP Year camping a wormhole linking Hi-sec to the Grotto, in charge of the Combat Space Patrol squadron while Letrange and company were laughing at the pitiful POS. Let already posted on all the details but I'll give a last shout-out to the two kills that occupied the long moments of POS Bash boredom, The ZOMG-Faction-Fit Feilios of the Crying Baby Jesus, and of course the Cannot-ever-Fail Getaway BPO-hauling 1/3-fit Drake. Only two kills during a long evening but man were they worth the LOLZ! We were braced to face some serious defenses, but to have the evening turn out this "relaxing" was acceptable, if a bit anti-climactic. Kudos to everyone over at AMC, and thanks for allowing me to not only fly with you but do a bit of FCing. o7

And while the POS atoms were still floating in W-space, a bunch of PvPers (I use the term loosely) decided to Wardec AMC. At first I thought "cool, I can go help again" but looking at the AMC killboard it's clear that help isn't needed, although I still may join in the fun... we'll see how the week goes :)

This brings us to this weekend's happenings. The event that all the PvPers in New Eden were waiting for with glee, and that every mining carebear out there was either whining about, crying about, or even making a few ISK off of, has finally started: Hulkageddon II is a go! My crazy gaming schedule will probably keep me away from the action, but who knows, maybe I'll get in on it. I wish all the participants to gank all they can gank, and to the I-just-want-to-play-solo carebear gankees, all I have to say is this: Harden The Fuck Up (tm)! You're richer than all the PvPers and all you have to do is go to your favorite market spot and buy spare ships. Oh, and by the way, the phat 'roids will still be there for you to mine on and make yet more precious ISKies. Don't worry, you'll live... it's only a game after all !!!

Fly hard, before CONCORD shows up


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