Thursday, June 11, 2009

New benchmarks

Yesterday was a good time for me and AMC as we saw the fruitition of hard labor, pure luck, and plain old skilling up. Here is a short run-down:

After mining tons of gas sites, looting and salvaging hordes of Sleeper wrecks, hacking many combat sites, doing lots of reactions and reverse-engineering and being extremely patient, The first AMC Tech 3 strategic cruisers are coming off the assembly line. One of our pilots got his Proteus yesterday, as described in Letrange's blog, and others should be getting their own favorite T3 ships soon. I'll be waiting a bit as I have neither the ISK, shares, or skills to fly and support them. but I'm not feeling left out. Read on.

Last week in an extremely lucky exploration trip I had found a very valuable piece of equipment courtesy of the Serpentis Coreli people, and was even lucky enough to find the same module twice! One of those sold (I have to split the profit of the second one though) and I was able to buy and fit a ship I've been waiting a long time for, my very first Maelstrom of Shield Boostin' Tankiness !!! This ship already is a champion at the active shield tank, but when you put it in a pulsar environment it becomes a Behemoth. Knowing I wouldn't be able to fly a dreadnought for a good while (if ever) I decided to give it the name I had in reserve for the capital ship: Shub Niggurath, the original Quake game's final boss. The ship will mostly see action in our colony system's Sleeper sites, but should some jokers decide to pitch a tent in our backyard again (more on that when I have time to elaborate) I will glady fire VW Bug sized bullets at said tent.

Shub Niggurath on its way home

I also want to take this opportunity to salute the new AMC members who are friends old and new who will soon get a taste of what this small seamingly carebearish alliance is capable of.

Fly dangerous,


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Anonymous said...

"Carebearish".... til you wander by our WH and are stupid with a Golem.

Oh, I'm in a pod!

Oh, hell, I'm out a shit-ton in implants.