Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me and Nighthawks... *sigh*

Once again, this Caldari command ship has managed to cause me some trouble. Every time I try to take down a Nighthawk in a small-ish gang something usually irreversible happens to my ship. The latest incident happened yesterday after we had scanned one down hitting a Magnetometric site somewhere in W-space. I admit we were short on firepower and tank: Vagabond, Thorax, Broadsword and 2 Cov Ops at first, and one switched to a Cerberus after. When the warp-in happened I landed right in the middle of the site's structures and was bouncing away as I was trying to get a tackle. Not a fun proposition. I don't know if the Sleepers had heard about our newcomer Cartboard Box's negative sec status but they primaried his Vaga as soon as we arrived. The Nighthawk pilot didn't mess around with me too much though as his Warrior IIs ate me alive; to fail a bit more, I had forgotten to bookmark the exit wormhole in our haste to warp into the site. Bravo! Despite pleas of ransom (in 0.0 space.... right !!!) the pilot manage to tank the Vaga and HIC quite well, especially because the Vaga kept having to warp off because the Sleepers liked him too much. That's when one of the Cov Ops pilots decided to go pick up his Cerberus but with the Broadsword fitted for big fleet work it was having problems keeping in range of the Nighthawk. So at some point soon after the Cerb arrived on the scene, the Nighthawk found just the inch he needed and warped off never to be seen again. I did get the chance then to get a bookmark to the wormhole and go change ships for an interceptor, but it was too late.

Wanna hear more sad stories about me and Nighthawks? Here goes:

- When I did one of my first ops in AMC I had a Jihad fleet head straight to Syndicate space in search of trouble, and maybe Bozos. The entrance system of PF-346 was camped by various HAC, cruisers, frigs, and a Nighthawk boosted by a Basilisk. We took out a cruiser and maybe a frig, but in my failure to primary the Basilisk something bad was starting to happen: ships were dying to Einherjis and Firbolgs... yep, there was a Chimera on scan. We did get some pirate kills after the debacle though.

- As I was showing the game to one of my friends, I was flying solo in a cheap fit Rifter around my then home system of MN-7WD in Curse and in an effort to show him a bit of The PvP I got in position to tackle the first thing that would jump through my gate. Take a wild guess what jumped in! The encounter lasted all of 3 seconds. So I told my buddy "when you're in a T1 frig you're not supposed to solo-tackle command ships with no back-up...!".

- This isn't quite a bad experience but let's just say this Nighthawk died way too fast. One of the Bozo pilots has a weird tackle-fit Falcon that works great for him, and he had found a Nighthawk happily ratting away somewhere close to HQ in Curse, so he tackles him, jams him, and then calls for DPS... but apparently that wasn't needed because the ship was so fail-fit it died to the Falcon's missiles and the Angel rats' guns in under a minute !!! So much for DPS :)))

And there you have it, the reason why the Nighthawk command ship annoys the shit out of me !!!

Fly deadly,


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Letrange said...

glad to see you guys are finding action in wormhole space :)