Friday, January 9, 2009

Sorry about that!

Yeah I know, I hit a slump and I didn't post any EVE-related stuff in a while. Well, like I told my buddy who's my drum kit babysitter when he asked me "where's my favorite drummer?", I got pwned by Santa and the New Year bunny :) And those times where I did have time to myself, well that's what I did... I used the time for myself, and damn did I need it! I do log on to make sure ISK is coming in and to switch skills and whatnot, and I've even been on a few ops. I even FCed one where I wanted to see the new residents of Wicked Creek; I had a fast-moving Frig gang and managed to dodge 100+ ship blobs while losing only a single Rifter. I was out to scout and again, thanks to Ombey and his maps for finding me the way to freedom and home !!! At one point my scout called 3-8-8 in Local at one of the outpost systems, just after we had past a 70 man gang that wasn't on the gates. It must've been a tough day for POSes that day :))

On the skill side, Cozmik is now trained up for Caldari ships up to Battlecruisers so after a bit of missile skill tweaking I'll be able to effectively fly a Drake in anger. As far as passive shield BCs go I could already fly a Myrmidon but my drone skills are nowhere near where they should be to use the Myrm to its fullest. Right now I'm just a few days from Cov Op ships, which I should get before February hits. I was never a big fan of cloakers but putsing around undetected should be fun. And after that I'll be buffing all the side skills as much as I can to prepare the road for the remote-repping Tempest, and maybe a Maelstrom to keep in Hi-sec if at some point I need a serious break from PvP. One ship I do have and that I really need some practice flying is my Sabre; with my skills slowly climbing I'm not too far from flying Broadswords, but it would be pointless to have one and not really know how to use it.

And on the not-EVE-related side of things, with my EVE buddy Carbon Freezer and my 10y-old niece Jade getting electric guitars, I'm feeling left out and I want one too! My problem is of course funds; It's a complete miracle I'm still playing EVE but I don't think anyone would be crazy enough to sponsor me for a 1000$ worth of ax equipment; well, I could go a bit lower but I'm musician enough that there are some standards that the equipment would need to meet, like a Floyd-Rose licensed tremolo, a decent and versatile amp, etc. Oh well, I'll get there, someday.

Anyways, back to the daily grind... fly hard !!!



Letrange said...

just go bang on a drum till the itch for a guitar goes away :P

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Dude I had the drums set up in St-Hubert and I had the itch for more toys... When you're a musician you're always looking for more ways to make noise :))