Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Saturday

Hi guys!

It's finally the weekend, and although I'll be doing all sorts of fun stuff like playing drums for the first time in a month (better than waiting 4 months!), getting together with buddies I don't see nearly enough, and of course the bi-weekly EVE Montreal Pilots Meet, which is now especially fun as one of the pilots is in-game member of one of Bozos deep-red neighbors as of late :) On the flip side, I intend to be spending Sunday doing nothing but playing EVE, hopefully popping more enemy ships than my own.

Speaking of ships, I'll be soon training a few more ships in between the current Covert Ops and the Drake. Not too long ago I lost my Sabre to comm snafu and when I had my hauler alt shop for a new one I noticed that Sabres are pretty much double, if not more, the price of the 3 other interdictors. WTF?! So in an effort to get some cross-training I'll be putting an extra level in Amarr Frigate because Heretics are barely more expensive than interceptors, and that's awesome, especially with the way I fly. This will take like a few hours, but the other ship I want to train for will need something like a little over a month. A few weeks after the Quantum Rise expansion was released, an already nasty ship became even more nasty, and being killed more than a few times by them is making me say the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" proverb: the Taranis. 31 days are separating me and and a decently T2 fit Blasteranis Of Rap4ge. Of course, not having much experience with blasters apart from my Jihad Thoraxes means it'll take some getting used to, and I have a feeling I'll be called Primary and be popped in milliseconds at some point, but this ship will be extremely more feared than the Minmatar inties I fly, which are fast but have the DPS of mosquitoes, and I'm not talking about the WWII planes which are Death Incarnate !!!

So if there are any Taranis flyers out there (Winterblink... HELP !!!), please feel free to give me your best advices in the comments. I know my alliance has a few very good 'Ranis pilots, and a pretty straight-forward fit, but i need advice on what to do in space to make sure I fly this thing to its fullest.

As a coda (musical term for The End), sorry for not being in-game more, but I swear I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Fly like I play drums... loud, fast and powerful !!!



Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

OOPS !!!

I didn't realize that I'd need Amarr Frigate V for the Heretic. After level 3 is done I guess I'll be going back to Cloaking IV and then this week start my way towards the Taranis. Bubble practice can wait a bit ;)

Bahamut said...

Your meets are bi-weekly? That's so many kinds of win. It's difficult enough to get the Toronto pilots together bi-annually.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yes they are, and yes it is !!!

Feel free to head up the 401 and come join us :))