Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Told ya I'd kick myself :)

Better short updates than no updates at all I guess ;)

So, in the last post I was talking about a certain T1 cruiser tournament match I was about to take part in. Well, I can happily announce that the plan succeeded and victory was obtained by my team! The way the tourney works is like this: 2 on 2 T1 cruisers, with T1 or Meta 1 modules, drones and ammo. The teams are made up of 1 high SP player and one low SP. The team we went up against was comprised of a recon pilot and an electronics/logistics specialist. The latter pilot also has pretty much all leadership skills to 5, giving Mr Recon all sorts of fun bonuses. It also dictated what our strategy for this particular match was to be: High SP Player has to die, and FAST !!! And die she did, a millisecond before I did. So the only pilots left were MY high SP partner versus their low SP guy, and though he was slightly tanked he was just no match. So in tourney, DPS FTW !!! :)

Now the downside of the tourney: because we are in the middle of summer a lot of players are playing a lot less than usual, so getting the matches done is kind of hard. As I write this we are the only match that has been played out of the 8 of the first brackets. So we may have to ditch the bracket system and maybe go to a ladder system where a team can challenge another one, higher placed in the ladder. At least that's how I'd do it because that was what I was used to in Quake3. We'll see where it goes. I doubt we will just let it die because our match did attract some people and a tourney is a very good teamwork tool. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

In other news it seems everybody in EVE is redirecting their skills and modifying their hangar composition in light of the coming "Speed Nerf". It seems my original reasons to find my way into the Vagabond HACs will go the way of the dodo because it will stop being the speed demon it is right now. The support skills for the HACs are still very useful but I will push back my piloting of them for a while, so when I'm not in interceptors I'll probably be flying battlecruisers a lot more, even nano versions before the nerf hits. I won't start panicking until the actual update is made though.

And finally in real life news, I'm hard at work listening to 2 tunes in particular in preparation for my drum audition next Monday and Tuesday nights. It will be a competition of a different sort, but I LOVE competition so I will give it my all. I have no idea how it will affect my gamer lifestyle if I'm the lucky drummer chosen but it will affect it. I guess I'll buy an agenda and start making schedules :))

Until next time, fly safe or dangerous, but FLY !!!!


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