Friday, August 29, 2008

Damn boxes...

Hi there!

This is quite an event, 2 posts in the same month. Bring out the champagne! Yes, Real Life has been keeping me busy this summer but now that the back-to-school period is arriving things will slowly come back to normal, and before we know it we'll be neck-deep in White Stuff *shudder*. Snow is fine and dandy on a ski hill but ni town, ugh!

Well, as the title suggests, there was another alliance move lately to... haha sorry! Let's just say we're still in Curse and closer to various fires. At the moment it's extremely risky for ratting, but on the other hand there are targets galore! We can have perfectly good ops without having to tour 2 or 3 regions, and more often than not we end up fighting decently big pitched battles instead of running and gunning a few stray pilots. The fights aren't always successful but it's a totally diferent way of PvPing and the fun lasts a few minutes instead of a few seconds. My vehicule of choice for those ops is a Hurricane battlecruiser; I still have to work on some tanking skills but I think I have an idea where I'm going. For faster moving gangs I'm sticking to either Tech 2 fitted Rifters or interceptors; I'm having a bit of a slump with cruisers lately and as in most other games I've played, I seem to be at my best when I'm going extremely fast. Enter the so-called "Nano-Nerf"...

For about a month now CCP has been testing some pretty drastic modifications to the speed and mass (or lack thereof) that ships in EVE can attain. I haven't tested the modifications when they were on the test server but according to those who have, they are quite drastic. At the time of this writing the modifications have been taken off the test server for further tweaking, and some time this fall the changes will appear on the Tranquility server. The changes may put a twist to my EVE career; I was planning on flying a Vagabond HAC but apparently (all according to the tests on Singularity) it will be receiving a heavy set of reins to hold it back from it's current speed. So much so that some people have even started to post Vagabond setups with armor plating! As we say over here, "Pas de panique, Tabarnak !!!". According to EVE lore, the Vaga is known to be the fastest cruiser ever built and somehow I don't think CCP will re-write the entire lore just for a speed balancing issue. I don't expect Vagas to go as fast as interceptors as they do now though, but something tells me it will remain a very nasty ship and that a lot of people are panicking way in advance. EVE and paranoids... *rolls eyes*

In the meantime I'm training some back-up skills, and still got just that much closer to the Vagas as I now can fly Assault Frigates. But before I go on to bigger ships I will make sure that the backing skills are up to snuff; I want my battlecruisers to be as lethal as my frigates are fast, and believe me, they're FAST !!!

So until next time, fly with a knife between your teeth !!!


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