Monday, September 23, 2013

Settling back in

Sorry about that tower, but it was in the way!

Well, It's been two weeks since I resubscribed my EVE account and I must say, not only did I miss the game more than I expected but I haven't had so much fun in EVE in a long long time, possibly since the early BOZO days! I knew coming in that if I was resubbing it would be for The PvP only and that my security status was probably going to take a crazy dive so I didn't waste time. One of the first things I did was to roam around the familiar Everyshore Low-sec areas within three jumps of my previous corp's HQ, and sure enough I found a 9-day old character ratting away in a Maller. I wished him a bombastic "Welcome to EVE" the only way I know of course, but also taking time to give him a bit of advice; I didn't have time to give him fitting advice though XD

I rejoined the EVE community shortly after my real-life buddy Cartboard Box started being more active and rejoined his old corporation from his Atlas Alliance days, and soon after CB sent me an enthusiastic message saying "DUDE! You gotta resub!". I wanted to wait until the football/drumline season was over but the coming changes in Odyssey 1.1, CB's enthusiasm and another Montreal EVE pilot giving me a PLEX caused me to reconsider and go right ahead with the resubbing.

As Cartboard promised, he opened me the door to Arcana Imperii Ltd with the promise of good times The PvP without pressure and where everyone knows what they're doing and what's expected of them. I then spent a couple days moving assets to the area of operation and my first op was a multiple but quick POS bash to solidify our alliance's foothold in our region. It was also a good opportunity for nice screenshots as you can see above :)

We also did some gang ops and roams resulting in a few good battles such as a Brave Newbies party crashing; I was the one to suggest using fast and cheap attack cruisers and with CB doing the scouting and target calling, the destroyer gang dropped down easily. I had my first ever use of jump bridges and covert jump bridges for some good ol' "Hot Drop O'Clock" action. It's always impressive to see a Titan filling your screen, and it's a much better feeling when said Titan is on your side!

Another good op was yesterday's roam towards Old Man Star, and we found a gang that was itching for a fight just before we got there. And it was a hotly disputed fight at that! Technically, the other side had the fire power advantage, while we had solid fits and logistics support. But better fleet discipline - after one crazy experience with a frigate gang that could have gone way wrong - and good target calling (part of it by yours truly when a lull happened on comms) prevailed and we can safely say we won the ISK battle.

As one can imagine, all this has given me back my enthusiam for EVE which I had lost about a year ago. I even went so far as to awaken my long dormant second account! I'm not sure exactly what direction my alt's training will take but she's already taken the first steps towards a good PvP role so she will not turn into an industrialist or anything! Meanwhile the low SP crew is also busy, with trade alts in Amarr and Dodixie, a cyno/hauler at Chez Stan HQ, and even my old trusty scout which for now is parked at the favorite home I've ever had in all of New Eden, 5E-VR8 in the Paradise constellation of Curse. This character's main purpose in life is to die repeatedly in the Doril pipe :)

Well there you go, I'm back and actually loving it! My next post will cover some more The PvP action, some of the ships I love to fly and my downward spiral towards the dreaded -10 security status. I give it about a week or two. Oh, and come see the EVE Gate in New Eden. It is truly beautiful ^_^

Fly dangerous because it is the only way to fly



Soro Harbon ( brother Zeb) said...

Welcome back Coz

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

TY TY !!! :)

The Family said...

Bienvenue! Nice to see you are back. You will enjoy the PVP in the Black Rise/Placid area as well. Lots of action all around. OMS/Heyd is usually pretty busy too down in Essence.