Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - Never Fading Edition

It may be a bit dark, but I find it way cool that someone went through the trouble of remaking the classic "EVE Never Fades" video with current graphics (OK, pre-Retribution so no frilled Vagas). Add that to the fact that I had an utterly great time yesterday in the space lanes of New Eden with my buddy Havegun and some of his The PvP friends. After killing a n00b Imicus I died to Array Aggression of the Board Of Education corp (I know, I aggressed on a gate but Array had awesome timing and caught me pants down), and soon after learning he was friends with Havegun was invited to join a little roam. We first killed a Hurricane (didn't get much damage on him cuz I got on grid a bit late... did get the killmail though!), and a bit later had a successful encounter with two Tusker Drakes in their home system! We found our way to Black Rise but died in a glorious fire (the Vigilant wasn't with us btw).

Awesome evening for some EVE play especially as Montreal got a massive record snow dump of a foot and a half in one day!

Enjoy the video and keep the holiday cheers coming !!!


Edit: The n00b Imicus pilot put a 500000 ISK bounty on my head XD

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