Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - Stick Battle Edition

In the white corner:

In the blue corner:

After spending the best part of a year drumming away with Drum Corps sticks, going back to my kit sticks felt all sorts of weird. Apologies to Mr Simon Philips but the Pro-Mark 707 model just doesn't do it for me anymore. So like a Hogwarts student with a broken wand I had to go shopping again, and find MY stick to use on the kit. So off to the Montreal version of Ollivander's I went and two sticks came out of the crowd. I don't want to do any favoritism or anything but to me when I started trying all brands of sticks one brand was clearly ahead of the game. Sorry Pro-Mark!

To me, both pairs feel totally awesome but very different in very subtle ways. I will have to test 'em very thoroughly to find out which pair really out-does the other one. It shall be interesting!

Fly loud!


PS: Yes, my EVE posts have been... nonexistant lately, but that's what happens when you are passionate about tons of stuff. I happen to be passionate about drums. Live with it :)

Morning After Edit: I've spent a good two hours on the pad with both pairs trying all kinds of stuff at different levels of speed and power, from delicate buzz rolls to slamming rimshots, and it was only when I started playing along to some tracks that a winner came out on top. The Thomas Lang model is very nice and all, but when I started moving my arms to simulate playing a kit they felt nowhere as good as the Gavin Harrison model. The ultimate test will be when I play an actual kit. Soon :)

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