Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad stuff to learn from

This could've been a better week.

 Last Tuesday, in a combination of staying up late, Let being logged, and slight peer pressure (no hard feelings), I managed to get my alliance into a wardec. The only thing that's happened is that the requestee's POS got put in reinforced and may still die, but the people (I use the term loosely) behind the wardec decided to retract it. My guess on the matter: these jokers are wardeccing and then ransoming small corps in hi-sec to pay for their tournament expenses. Yes, this alliance is one of the 64. Maybe the Montreal Habs should start hold-upping banks to get better players to win the Stanley Cup. Ahhh... I love EVE :)

 And yesterday, again after staying up longer than I should have, I lost my Sleipnir "Inca Roads" to a Beyond Virginity gang in a Class 1 wormhole system. I will give them major props though because they managed to wait till I got a bit too comfortable and never used a single probe. Once the Buzzard pilot had a good warp-in I got jumped by a Sacrilege, a Drake and a Rook. Good thing they had more people on the way because they never would've have finished me off. Letrange was still in fleet with me so he decided to come play with us in a stealth bomber. By this time a second Drake and a Tengu had joined the enemy gang to finally break my tank. Before I went down Let and I did manage to kill the Rook; tough job that, as he was fit with Minnie jammers custom-made for me! Let warped out in order to make a second bomb run on the Sacrilege this time but before he came back an Onyx had joined the fun and sealed our fate.

 So yes, getting tired but comfortable can make for a very bad combination. Losing a brand spankin' new command ship isn't exactly cheap but I can live with it. I should have a replacement ready before the end of the weekend.

 Things to learn from:
  • If you're gonna stay up late, don't fly uber-expensive ships into danger. It usually ends in tears; well, not mine... I laugh off my losses :)
  • If you're gonna stay up late, don't make important alliance decisions. This wardec got retracted, but I consider this Beginner's Luck. It could have been MUCH worse. 
  • If you're gonna do sites solo in W-space, for the love of Chuck Yeager check the D-scan like a madman. 
  • If you think you're tired, you ARE tired! Start doing something safer or just log and go to bed.

Here's to hoping my own painful experiences can help others avoid 'em. I fly dangerous so most of you can fly safe :))

R.I.P. Inca Roads, and let's lay down the keel for Sinister Footwear.


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