Saturday, September 19, 2009

Faction ships: Part Deux

Well, sorry if I've been busier on Sisi than on TQ, but believe me it's worth it. The Dominion changes to the faction ships are fully in effect, and things are getting ready for the Super Capital Ship testing, Sovereignty testing, and more. While I haven't been able to fly everything yet (we'll be able to next weekend ^_^) I'll cover some of the things I've noticed, and not just about the ships.

For starters, the first page after logging in. The characters are laid out differently, but more importantly is that you get more information than currently on TQ. In addition to what's already there, we will now know what ship we were last in, and Oh Coolness, it says how much time the skill queue has left to completion. This alone is awesome!

EVE + rFactor = bliss

Next up: the in-game browser. The current browser is basically a joke. Apart from some in-game information it is pretty much useless because most of the internet is inaccessible, and anyway the browser is slow at best. Well, not on Sisi! The new browser is loosely based on Google Chrome (details here) and can take pretty much whatever you throw at it. I started this blog post on it (till my virus scanner hated my switching windows and I had to reboot... gj!), and to really test it I watched some rFactor vidoes on Youtube. EVE and rFactor, together at last. Life will be perfect now :))

And now, the faction ships. My skills being somewhat limited there are a lot that I haven't tried yet (again, next weekend...) but a few of 'em caught my attention:

Angel Tackler Extraordinaire

Dramiel: Oh My GOD! This is one I'm getting. Think of it as a very expensive tackler, or the perfect racer. As I wrote in my comments in the last post, I got a pure speed fit to go 6671 m/s, and it can get better because I only have Acceleration Control IV and cannot use the T2 Polycarbs, and it had T2 Overdrives. Bump up the ODs to Dominations (nothing less) and rigs to Poly IIs and this thing becomes THE speed demon. Granted it warps like a normal frig, but I haven't flown this fast since the Quantum Rise speed re-balance. My tackler fit is a tad slower at 6125 m/s, but with a Medium Shield Extender, a Tracking Disruptor, a NOS, and FOUR (4) Warrior IIs, this ship is a tackler's dream. Therefore, I am getting one. Period.

Vigilant: Picture a Deimos that's high on Crash, and a Vigilant is what you get. This was especially fun to try because Sisi-Coz can fit the T2 Hybrids now. My ship died really quick because it was very gank-fit but the damage output was just awesome. Depending on how expensive it is I may consider getting one.

"Boy, is this a machine!"

Machariel: Into the ridiculously expensive now. This thing screams close-range RRBS. My plated-Trimarked fit goes about 1200 m/s, has 107k hit points, and even has 2 Gyrostabs for the 7 guns. Yes, seven guns on the Mach now :) For the hell of it I tried a full speed fit of 3 ODs, 3 Polys and nothing but capacitor regen stuff; I have never seen a battleship go 1986 m/s before :))

Vindicator: And this is where I whish I had better skills. This ship has one job in mind: damage dealing. It has 8 guns now instead of 7, and I'm dying to see the damage ouput from 8 T2 Large hybrids with Void L ammo and 5 Ogre IIs. I'll post next week and tell you all about it :)

And speaking of next week, apart from testing the Titans' new Doomsdays and Motherships with fighter-bombers, I will be itching to try some other factions' ships. I will finally be able to see what makes the Caldari ships tick, but I'm really anxious to try the Sansha and Blood Raider ships; I hear that the Bhaalgorn is one bad-ass motherfucker !!!

There you go, Sisi is an awesome place to be in these days!

Fly it to death if it's free



Dante Edmundo said...

"I got a pure speed fit to go 6671 m/s"

Holy smokes!! And what a sweet looking ship as well.

One does have to wonder what CCP was thinking with the current in-game browser. The main reason I don't use it is it just takes forever to open a single window ... no idea what's up with that from a programmatic point of view.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yeah, she's fast ship. She does 0.5 past lightspeed and does the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs :D

And oh yes, I've done the crazy thing and bought one on TQ. It'll stay in Hi-sec and will get fit Formula One style!

As for the browser, I also have no idea what goes into implementing something like that but the change will be awesome.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Holy shit, did I really write "shield BOOSTER" ?!?! Fixed. It was an MSE in there. Sorry about that :)