Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You call this vacation ?!?!

With the amount of painting and moving to be done, this vacation is anything but. I'll be posting a bit more regularly once the dust has settled, but let's just say that the month of August will utterly suck as far as gaming time goes. As it is my timing is always way off for any PvP; it usually happens when I log off for supper or do other stuff, and when I'm on I'm always wondering what to do because I know I have limited time, something which EVE is not exactly known to be good for. So I work the trade alt as much as I can, make sure the skill training is getting up to snuff, and when I really need to blow people up I go on Singularity and burn up a ridiculous amount of ships; good thing that the most expensive things about those ships is the ammo! I can even fly Lokis in there :)

So there you go, a quick update just to make sure you don't think I'm dead or something. Here's to hoping I win a custom-made Bozo shirt :))

Dangerous: the only way to fly


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