Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Checking for life signs...

Am I breathing? Do I have a pulse? Is that a flashy-red I see on the overview? Oh damn I guess am I alive.... POINT !!!

Yes yes, I'm still here. I haven't double-clicked that evil file called "uninstall.exe"! It's just that playing at a much slower pace makes for less experiences to write down in my "diary", not to mention that every other week I have absolutely no access to EVE because the old computer at my ex and kids' place doesn't meet the new requirements for Apocrypha. I'm sort of looking for a solution to this problem but I also have other much bigger things on my plate like my own box about to need a new power supply, my Subaru Outback needing a new set of head gaskets, another move at the end of May... yep, life is anything but boring !!!

So what has been going on in the times that I do get to play EVE? Well, our alliance is doing its best to gather the ressources for the production of the Tech 3 hulls and sub-systems so that means the occasional foray into W-space. Those can be full of surprises ranging from PvP encounters to Sleeper rats being so tough that if your fleet is too small they will eat you alive. I also try to get a few PvP roams going to make sure our combat pilots (me included) don't get too rusty at what we're supposed to do best, which is kill stuff. I have only attempted a couple of entries into 0.0 Syndicate space; the first attempt could have worked if I had called the right primary (a Basilisk if you want to know) but an off-grid Chimera cut our Jihad way short with assigned fighters. Oh well! The second attempt failed for 2 reasons: a very small fleet and a pilot jumping into a system before the order was given and engaging a Stabber on the other side. As I got the fleet to jump through to hopefully get our evening's first kill it turned out that the Stabber had buddies and/or enemies (it died and we didn't get the mail so it had to get shot by someone) and as we came out of cloak a gang landed on us and decimated us. Oh well again! But we do have another source of The PvP... enter the AMC Police Department :)

As we were getting the alliance organized a few our less-than-PvP-experienced pilots lost ships to some pirates in the low-sec systems around our HQ, to the point where at least one of them wanted revenge badly enough to learn the trade of The PvP, from ship fitting to actual combat tactics. The best example is the roam we did a few minutes following the Jihad/Chimera debacle. It was then decided that we were to go against flashy-red pirates, and whoever it was clear were on their side (sorry Mynxee, Shae, Spectre, and all you other yarrin' types!). We are 2 systems next to our HQ when we spot a local well-known pirate, LoganFire, self-proclaimed "Lord of Mya" (!), with Bladedddevil (with 3 D's... very important), a known griefer, happily chatting away in space while DDD was at an anomaly in his Hurricane and His Lordship in his Navy Megathron. The odd thing was seeing the flashy Mega NOT shooting the neutral 'Cane. When the Mega warped out to leave the other one to his business we decided we had seen enough and our scout Letrange and prime witness of all the antics so far got in position to have our waiting fleet land right on top of the 'Cane. What followed was later described as "Poetry in Tackling" :) My Claw was of course the first to arrive on the scene and with the warp-in Let gave us I was EXACTLY in optimal range at 4000 meters, and a new pilot and his Vexor actually landed at 800 meters! When the dust cleared and the 'Cane nothing but cosmic debris people found out that my Claw setup is quite dangerous as I out-damaged 3 cruisers :))

Out of this whole "getting back at the pirates" and police work business we actually have some new allies so even if we are primarily an industrial alliance, the combat pilots are never out of action. The Black Sun guys are great to fly with, and I would burn another interceptor for a couple BCs and a Domi any time of the week :)

So that's pretty much it for now. C ya somewhere out there in space... in the middle of my targetting reticle maybe >:)

Fly dangerous,


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Anonymous said...

Hehe we gained a war dec from your kill of Bladddevil.