Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the road again...

Well here we are again, making virtual boxes and crates and packing our humongous Gallentean moving truck and heading towards a new system. At first we were supposed to move to a new region to fight a bunch of brand new reds (still NPC space because we're only in it for the pew pew!) but after some research it was pretty much decided that most other regions in 0.0 would be either snoozefests or blobfests, so the Clown Punchers will be remaining in Curse and keep playing tag with our usual foes (OWN, BP, RA, TCF, we love you... srsly!), sometimes helped by our very short list of blues. Excuse me if I wait a bit before giving away the new location though; many Bothans would die to get this information :))

All this packing has made me realise something though: I own way too many ships and I collect way too much crap! When I started the PvP thing with the Bozos I was burning up ships on a regular basis and always needed to have some reserves. I remember some nights where I would lose 2 or 3 ships in a single sitting! But as my experience and skills grew I came to lose less and less ships. As you saw earlier this week even my Jihad ships are ultimately unsuccessful at dying in a blaze of glory! Now all my stuff is packed ready to get moved but once we get to destination I will be having a huge yard sale of the accumulated stuff I don't use, either by putting up sell orders, giving stuff away to corpmates, or just plain melting it down for minerals. I had done the same thing with my BS-flying alt and after packing all the important stuff for her return to 0.0 space, I sold enough left-over extra ammo, mods, tags, and minerals to collect about 20 million ISK! If Cozmik was in Hi-sec and did the same thing that number would be in the hundreds.

In other EVE-related news I want to take the opportunity to salute my CEO Quebnaric Deile for almost single-handedly stopping a Jihad fleet with his oh-so-nasty Dominix. Between the time he gave the order to undock to the time we got to the contented gate, an 8-man Jihad-fit fleet was reduced to nothing but wrecks and one stray Deimos running for his life. I think the message here is clear: Do not mess with Q !!!

Alright, back to Real Life and Montreal's bottom-of-the-barrel criminals :))

Fly dangerous


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Anonymous said...

Nice that you stayed, I like having Clown Punchers around :)