Saturday, October 25, 2008

Musical side trip to Zappa's Universe


Yesterday was the return to Montreal of Dweezil Zappa and company, playing Frank's music as no else can, because as the ticket stub says: ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!

The only thing remotely related to EVE here would be "Cosmic Debris", but the band didn't play it. Here's my post from the show review forums:

Absolutely amazing! It was my first time at "Le Gezu" even if I'm from around here, and it's basically like having the band in your basement; so much for the neighbors !!!

I was invited buy a buddy of mine who bought almost the last tickets to be sold for the 1st show (before the 2nd one was announced) and we were to be sitting at the very corners of the hall. But by hanging around before the showed started Lady Luck burned away our chance to win a guitar by doing something just as good: a member of the Gezu staff came up to us and asked "where are you guys seated?". Upon seeing our situation he grabbed our tickets and said "here, E2 and E4!". This is FIFTH ROW, DEAD CENTER !!! I wasn't hearing the guitar from the PA, but straight from the amps !!! And needless to say we were blowing away, quite literally. I have no clue when something like this will happen again, if ever.

Thank you very much Dweezil for blasting my eardrums to smithereens. Unfortunately I'm not going to the second show ( Razz to those who are!) so I'll have to wait for your next trip up here.

Music is the BEST !!!!!!

I strongly urge you to visit to see and hear what Frank was all about, and there are tons of video clips from previous ZPZ shows, including two from Montreal when the band came the first time with uber music gods Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio.

And if you are american, please head Frank's call on the intro page.

Fly loud !!!


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