Thursday, March 27, 2008

Red in? No problem !!!

While living in 0.0 space there are a few facts of life that are very important to be concerned with if we don't want to spend our time buying new clones, namely gate camps and roaming gangs. While the first one is merely annoying because they sometimes keep you from going where you want to, the second one can keep you cooped up in the station with nothing to do but sort your module inventory, shop on the market (which is limited in 0.0 space), view available contracts, or go afk to do something else. But when you really want to play you're stuck. Well not anymore because now my character will start a secondary career: Industry! When we're out ratting we can collect so much junk that it can almost be considered mining, and after giving away some of the interesting bits to the corp and keeping some of the ever better bits, there is only so many Small Armor Repairer Is and Small Capacitor Booster Is you need to keep (if any in the case of some other modules) so the best thing to do is to reprocess the stuff, and voilĂ , instant supply of building material !!!

Now I've been a 0.0 resident for just over a month now and I have minerals to the point of being able to build not just ammo and modules, but Rifters, and if all goes well Stabbers in the not-so-distant future. Yes, the ships and modules will all be Tech 1, but the point is that these ships will be expendable so I will be able to try all sorts of things in PvP, some good, some bad, but out of this I will learn. It will also allow me to save money for the coming expenses like higher priced skillbooks, Tech 2 weapons, and Tech 2 ships. Rule Number One of PvP says "Do not fly what you cannot afford" and when I start bringing Tech 2 ships to battles I have to make sure I can back them up and not be flat broke if the enemy decides my ship has to go. Our corp lost a good player and a good person this way. He had started the game around the same time I did and for some reason was obsessed with getting a battleship and probably set his skills on a bee-line to get them. My same-age character is only into BATTLECRUISERS! So our friend bought his Apocalypse, which was probably not fitted well enough, and lost it in his first engagement and the loss left him completely broke. Azyrial Azgard is now no more has he has deleted himself. Az, you were a good guy and a good player, and I sincerely hope you do come back to the game and learn from your past mistakes.

In other news things are heating up in our little area of space. Roaming gangs and camps are getting bigger and nastier, with entire alliances fighting and even teaming up for control of the always-fought-over Sendaya gate in Doril. Rule Number Two of PvP, well, more of 0.0 space, says "Always use a scout". Safespots are also a good idea, so you can scan for activity around the gate. Nowadays I never do a gate-to-gate jump in Doril when I'm alone, and when I want to carry stuff in or out I always double-check the route because even Low-sec can be dangerous. But it's all part of the game and there's nothing I like better than living dangerously >:)

Tune in for the next part, Industrialism 101 !!!

Fly safe... at least safer than I do ;)

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